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Discover convenience with our customizable vending machine solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.


Coffee Vending Machine

Brew fresh ground coffee to unlock the full flavor of beans using a 22-inch touchscreen equipped for displaying advertisements, paired with hot water precisely heated to 92 degrees Celsius—the optimal temperature for coffee.

Order now for only Php 275,000!

Contact Number: 0917-705-9909



36 Slots Snacks and Drinks Vending Machine

Ideal for compact spaces, this machine features integrated refrigeration for foaming, illuminated metal buttons, and a multi-vend function allowing simultaneous purchase of multiple items.

Order now for only Php 210,000!

Contact Number: 0917-705-9909



60 Slots Snacks and Drinks Vending Machine

A refrigerated vending machine equipped with an LED-embedded metallic keypad, featuring a multi-vend function that allows simultaneous purchases. It includes a 5-inch LCD screen and a 16-key metal keypad.

Order now for only Php 260,000!

Contact Number: 0917-705-9909



60 Slots Snacks and Drinks Vending Machine


Utilizing imported compression and a bill and coin changer, this machine features full-machine refrigeration with foaming. It includes a 22-inch touch screen.

Order now for only Php 310,000!

Contact Number: 0917-705-9909



Elevator Vending Machine


It offers a maximum selection of approximately 50 options, with a capacity ranging from 360 to 800 pieces (depending on the size of the items) and an adjustable temperature range of 4 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Order now for only Php 325,000!

Contact Number: 0917-705-9909



60 Slots Snack, Drinks and Coffee Vending Machine


It includes a 19-inch advertising screen, a touch panel interface, and offers 4 options for cold and hot instant drinks. The machine accommodates up to 60 spring slots.

Order now for only Php 365,000!

Contact Number: 0917-705-9909


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The service provided by “Your Vending Solutions” is very professional. They helped us install the machine and went beyond that. I am pleased that they even helped us stock the items, set the price tags, and provided suggestions on what items are good to buy or not. They also assisted in finding potential clients during their marketing research.

I am a satisfied customer of “Your Vending Solutions.” With their interactions on Facebook, some of my friends are now interested in investing. They are asking many questions regarding the business, and I am glad to share my experience and refer them to “Your Vending Solutions” for more details.

Dalisay "Daisy" French Brigs Vending Machine

We've always been fascinated by the convenience provided by vending machines every time we visited Japan and wished there were more in the Philippines. This inspired us to start our own vending machine business.

"Your Vending Solutions" seemed to be the perfect partner because they have a service center and a strong team. They have been very helpful and supportive, from helping us land clients to assisting with the setup.

Paolo Fortich Cagayan De Oro Client

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